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Dunkin Jewelers has been in Ontario for more than 50 years


Since 1948, Dunkin Jewelers’ friendly and experienced staff has been providing the Mansfield area with quality jewelry services. Our showroom is located at 2291 W 4th Street in Mansfield. Here, we offer a unique blend of the latest collections and timeless classics by making sure our inventory is always fresh and up-to-date.
Throughout our 70 years of business, we have sought to keep our showroom stocked with only the finest jewelry for our clients. Aside from certificate diamonds and you can also purchase Swarovski crystals for the perfect gift. We also proudly offer the highest-quality wristwatches around, crafted by artisans that provide them with unparalleled detail.

In addition to wristwatches, we also recently added a clock showroom. Here, we showcase everything from small travel clocks to grandfather clocks and everything in between. Our robust collection of clocks is sure to speak to you as you search for the perfect timepiece.
We know that if we’re going to sell watches and jewelry, we also need to be able to repair them. We have highly-skilled repair technicians available to fix your watch or jewelry and they take great pride in their detailed workmanship. They use the latest technology in the jewelry industry to provide you with exceptional service.

We are delighted to have been providing fine jewelry and gifts to the Mansfield area for over 7 decades. We look forward to seeing you in our showroom soon so that you can be a part of our history, as well.

Dunkin Jewelers a look into the past

we have been helping build the dreams of more than two generations in Ontario. Let us continue to do the same for you


December 7, 2019
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